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Minimal disruption and restoration.Install pipe in areas where open-cut methods are not cost effective or they cannot be achieved. Road and highway crossings, wetland crossings, water crossings, railroad crossings, imposing structures, rough terrain, existingities, high water table, restoration factors.   We have various directional bore machines capable of pulling back the smallest cable or wire to 20" diameter pipe.
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What is Directional Drilling you ask?

Horizontal directional drilling is a way to get utilities from one point to another without destroying the existing ground or obstacles that are in between the two points.

Directional drilling goes above and beyond traditional trenching; connecting utilities and services in places that trenching could not. Common uses are getting services under roads, waterways, drains, and construction areas that have already been sodded. Directional drilling is not limited to the previous mentioned activities and throughout this site you will get an understanding of its limitations and its benefits.

When you want to get to another area of your yard, but do not want the mess of open trenching, or the clean up.

With over 25 years combined trenching/boring experience,

we are able to complete our work in a clean, safe workmanlike manner .

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In this picture, water, power and phone were connected to the pole barn.

Maybe you would like to get power, phone, water, or sewer

across your yard or driveway,  across a road, down a hill….painlessly…

Horizontal directional drilling can minimize restoration costs. This makes it a popular choice for placing utilities under paved surfaces and in areas with established landscape.

Save cobble, brick, or specialty driveway surfaces.

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